As anyone in the computer graphics industry recognizes, the file sizes mount up considerably. In video work there are 30 individual frames per second, in film 24. So, a video project of 10 minutes has 18,000 individual pictures, at lower video resolutions averaging about 640 bites each. The numbers don't even begin to address the procedural computations involved or any number of variables that will increase the time it takes to render an individual image. To that end computers render over networks, dividing the frames amongst as many "nodes" as processors and memory allow. I wrote this tutorial to address common problems in setting up a cross platform (Alpha to Intel) Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) "Screamernet" node association. Screamernet is the self contained Lightwave distributed rendering program.

Screamernet Tutorial: 1.2 mb

Screamernet Tutorial In PDF: Adobe Acrobat Reader