If you were to go up to someone and ask them how much would it cost to buy a car, the first question you'd get would be "What kind of car?" The situation isn't substantially different in this line of work. Object manipulation in blank backgrounds, such as a :05 "Flying Logo" costs in the neighborhood of $500 each. Organic character manipulation takes considerably more modeling and setup time, and then much "tweaking" of motions to get the desired results.

Further, the more accurate you are about your vision, the less time is spent on test concepts, and the more likely it is that your estimates will reflect an accurate budget of both time and money. "Fixing something in post" can be an extremely time intensive solution, VS. having your graphics designers available to recognize potential areas of conflict before they arise. While this statement is geared toward a production situation, the concepts will still apply elsewhere.

Let's talk about your specific needs, and see if we can't come up with what will be a mutually beneficial relationship.